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Indulge in the exquisite taste of nature's bounty, brought straight from our pastures to your plate!

At Birchcrest Beef , we take pride in offering our valued customers nutritionally rich and responsibly sourced Grass  finished beef. We believe in nature's rhythms and nurture our cattle by being caretakers of the land. Our cows flourish in a natural pasture setting, enjoying a diet thoughtfully crafted from a mix of lush pasture grass. Cattle live without outside inputs such as  antibiotics or hormones.

Savor a delectable dining experience, knowing that every bite is a result of our dedication to sustainable practices and the finest quality ingredients. Welcome to a world where taste meets integrity, exclusively at Birchcrest Beef FILL YOUR FREEZER, FUEL YOUR FEASTS

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How It Works

  • Reserve Your Share


    You buy it, we raise it. That simple. Reserve your share of our limited herd, then sit back, relax, and let us raise the best Grass Finished Beef for you. You'll get fun updates, pictures, and stories from the ranch all summer long.

  • Get your Beef


    Your beef will harvested in late summer/early fall to ensure you get it's peak flavor and nutrition. Then, your package can be picked up in person, or shipped to you for free starting in September through December. First orders in are first orders shipped out, so don't wait!

  • Enjoy Your Beef

    3. ENJOY

     It's time to wow your family and friends with the best beef they've ever had.  Your package will arrive at your doorstep in convenient, professionally packed, sealed and frozen packages. You'll keep dinner time exciting with the variety of cuts available to you right in your freezer. You get our100% Guaranteethat everyone will love this beef.

Our Story

Welcome to Birchcrest Beef where generations of farming expertise meet the heart of the Ohio Valley in Richmond, Ohio. We take pride in raising the freshest grasses and the finest Angus beef, connecting families like yours with locally sourced, humanely raised grass finished beef. In a world where food quality matters, our commitment to sustainability shines. Our ranch, a testament to over 25 years of careful breeding and farming practices, promotes healthy cows, soil, and water—the pillars of vibrant families and communities. Our unique blend of fresh Grasses and legumes , combined with ethical farming, results in a product cherished for its delicious, nutritious, and energy-packed qualities. Join our movement to regenerate the land and reintroduce quality local food options. With every bite, you're not just enjoying beef; you're investing in your health, food security, and the Birchcrerst Beef family. Thank you for choosing Birchcrest Beef . and embarking on this sustainable food journey with us.

-The Walden Family


    Elevate your culinary adventures with our beef, celebrated for its unparalleled taste and consistent quality. Impress your family and guests with gourmet meals made from the finest beef cuts. Experience the luxury of dining at home with restaurant-quality bee


    Rest easy during uncertain times with our reliable and consistent beef supply. Our farm-to-table approach ensures you have access to high-quality cuts, even in the face of market disruptions. Say goodbye to supply chain worries and enjoy uninterrupted access to top-tier beef.


    Make a health-conscious choice that leads to a happier, more vibrant life. Our beef, free from additives and raised with utmost care, aligns with your wellness goals. Indulge in guilt-free meals that prioritize your health and well-being, all while savoring exquisite flavors.

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  • "Best Beef I have ever had"

    - Johnny D

  • It was delicious. It arrived still frozen, & packed very well. Yes, I would order again. Loved it...

    -Kathy K

  • "Tastes better than store meat"

    -Jody B