Frequently Answered Questions

Why Should i buy Beef From Birchcrest Beef?

When do things different at Birchcrest Beef Compared to the commercial farmer. We take pride in raising our Angus sired calves to harvest and supplying our customers with ethically raised, highly nutritional, 100% pure grass-fed and grass-finished beef. When you choose to purchase beef from Birchcrest Beef, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are feeding your family quality meat from a single animal that was born and raised on a local farm.

Is your beef Grass finished ?

Yes it is! Our cattle spend their entire lives grazing on pasture up to the point of harvesting. Our cattle are never confined for feeding. Because our 100% grass-fed cattle don't get the blast of grain-heavy feed at the end of their lives, they tend to gain weight slower and take longer to fully mature for sale. We provide our cattle with a low stress environment where they are free to express their natural and instinctive behaviors. Our cows are typically processed around the age of 24 months.

Where do you get your Beef Harvested?

We get all of our cattle processed off site at Lazy L Meats. Lazy L Meats is a USDA processor located in Northeast Ohio

How Is your Beef Wrapped?

Our beef is wrapped in Vacuumed Sealed Plastic.

Do you use herbicides on your farm?

No herbicide or pesticides.